Sunday, February 26, 2012

I don't think this blog is working out. Anthology and I may have to break up.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Excuse much, rude or anything? The Artist and Teacher Fashion

Today I went to the Palace Kino with Mum to see The Artist. I hadn't read anything about it before I went and I'm glad I didn't because it may have put me off going; silent, and in black and white, it was not really the type of film I would usually see. Set in the late 1920s and early 30s the plot follows a silent movie star as he deals with the decline of his career when films with sound are introduced. I'm not really sure whether I enjoyed it or not. I'm glad I went to see it but the thought of watching it again is not appealing at all.

When I wonder why I wouldn't want to watch this film again, even though I didn't mind the plot, I realise that what I love about so many movies are the memorable dialogues: bantering lead characters with witty comments and (cringe) romantic speeches. I think watching a film without sound limits the depth of the characters. It is easy to read their faces and watch their actions to discern what is going on but without words there is less to savour after the film is over. I like my quotes. I used to watch individual episodes of Buffy a dozen times before I tired of them, and I would quote characters from the show in everyday life (what a geek, I know) whether I thought people would realise what I was doing or not.

Topic change.

I am going to be a History teacher and I am so effing excited about it. I am also excited about looking like a history teacher. Not one of those camel toe, squinty-glasses, smeared lipstick history teachers, no no no...well, I guess all of those badstyle things can happen to good people. In my spare moments (there are too many of them at the moment) I have been 1. looking for a new flatmate (knock myself unconscious can't deal with the stress) and 2. browsing the interwebs for some teacher fashion inspiration (knock myself unconscious I don't have any money to buy clothes).

Photos: All from The Sartorialist except for the third one down which is from Garance DorĂ©