Sunday, April 17, 2011

La Mirada film festival

Last Thursday I went to the opening night gala of La Mirada Spanish film festival at ACMI....and oh MY a good looking boy just sat down opposite me in the library (yeah, no internet in my new diggs still).....Anyhow, back to the gala: the ticket included the opening night introductions, a film, and the after party. I'd been looking forward to the night for ages; a mature excuse to get dressed up, drink, and dance rather than 'let's get spaz and crunk, yo'....which none of my friends seem to respond to positively anymore.

The speeches were, as speeches often are, not too riveting. Although, an adorable Basque (I think he's Basque) actor made a short, but smile-inducing, comment about thinking he saw baby kangaroos climbing trees whilst drunk - he was drunk, not the kangaroos. His accent was cute. It made me miss Spain. Wow, good looking boy has excellent posture - anyhow, there were also pre-recorded introductions from Antonio Banderas and the director of the film, Gustavo Taretto, who was hilarious. The film was called Medianeras, which means side walls; it was a sweet story, set in Buenos Aires, about two ideally suited loners who keep missing each other in their search for love. Sounds cliché but it wasn't. After the film everyone was herded downstairs to the after-party. We found a spot next to a tapas table and held on to it for dear life as the food was quickly ravaged. Luckily there was no shortage of alcohol. The crowd seemed to be mainly mid-30's culture critics and beautiful gay men (who may have also been culture critics). We entertained ourselves by giving people nicknames - 'tortured boobs' wore a top so tight she had the boob version of muffin top...titty top, perhaps. She was also wearing, and stroking, something that had once been alive. It may have had a face. I did not like. There was also 'wavy locks' who Em thought looked like a dethroned prince, and later, Roger Federer. Lots of laughs. We ended the night after dancing to retro tunes. We danced like no-one was watching, well aware there were probably people watching. All in all mucha diversión!!

Sadly all my photos have me in them.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Having trouble saying how I feel, but I can dance dance dance.

I've typed about five different sentences to start this post. They all sucked. I am in a cafe with free wireless internet. After living in Europe for 18 months Melbourne's lack of free wifi frustrates me. I feel like an internet thief even though I am having a meal. Actually, I'll probably end up spending more money because of the 'laptop guilt' than if I was here with a friend. Get with the times, Australia. Free wifi makes you money.

I suppose I haven't really done anything blogworthy of late. I'm just checking in - with my blog - with myself. I'm still really enjoying being back in Melbourne. Not even the tiniest tinge of regret at leaving Europa. I want to go back, of course, but I'm happy to wait a couple of years. year.

Uni is fine. A little more intense than I was expecting, but it's pressure I am allowing myself to feel because, unlike undergrad, I suddenly care - a lot. My thesis topic has continued to change more often than an emotional retard's facebook status....but I think I finally have it....stabilized. A little bit of Classics, A little bit of Medieval, and a little bit of literature. All good.

Moving out of home. Again. Every time is different. Renting. Sharing. It's a runner-up to what I really want - my own place. Hopefully it's not too far in the future. I even have a 'future home' photo folder.

And now it is time for me to leave. It's bussinessman lunch hour - urgh!

Photo: The Selby
(From the future home folder)