Sunday, April 03, 2011

Having trouble saying how I feel, but I can dance dance dance.

I've typed about five different sentences to start this post. They all sucked. I am in a cafe with free wireless internet. After living in Europe for 18 months Melbourne's lack of free wifi frustrates me. I feel like an internet thief even though I am having a meal. Actually, I'll probably end up spending more money because of the 'laptop guilt' than if I was here with a friend. Get with the times, Australia. Free wifi makes you money.

I suppose I haven't really done anything blogworthy of late. I'm just checking in - with my blog - with myself. I'm still really enjoying being back in Melbourne. Not even the tiniest tinge of regret at leaving Europa. I want to go back, of course, but I'm happy to wait a couple of years. year.

Uni is fine. A little more intense than I was expecting, but it's pressure I am allowing myself to feel because, unlike undergrad, I suddenly care - a lot. My thesis topic has continued to change more often than an emotional retard's facebook status....but I think I finally have it....stabilized. A little bit of Classics, A little bit of Medieval, and a little bit of literature. All good.

Moving out of home. Again. Every time is different. Renting. Sharing. It's a runner-up to what I really want - my own place. Hopefully it's not too far in the future. I even have a 'future home' photo folder.

And now it is time for me to leave. It's bussinessman lunch hour - urgh!

Photo: The Selby
(From the future home folder)


  1. i only just realised you got a new blog a second ago when i was going through my email and saw the notification for your comment!
    glad to see you're still blogging! so this is your...4th blog? i just started a new one too- so satisfying starting afresh.

  2. Hey! Indeed, my 4th blog. My parents moved house all the time when I was a kid, I attribute that to my need to start a new blog whenever I feel I am entering a new lifecycle. That sounded a bit new-age wankery. Looking forward to reading your new blog!