Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! So many places to go and things to see in 2011.

My (three) readers may notice that I've changed my blog title from Melbourne anthology to anthology; this is in anticipation of the day I want to post a book review, a history essay, or a travel story. Can't be all about Melbourne, some of it has to be about ME. Me me me me me me.

Photo: Geoff Barrenger

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trunk Diner. What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk? Im'a get, get, get, get you drunk.

A-strizzle and I went to the NGV the other day. It was closed though, so we didn't get past the water feature. Note to self (and others) NGV. Not. Open. Tuesdays. We ended up at Trunk Diner, I'd heard they do a great brunch - we were too late though, so lunch menu it was. It was packed when we first arrived, and due to our table being right next to the counter we got to witness the chaotic lunch hour. Kitchen was busss-ay. Waiters were rushed off their feet (but adorable). Food was running out left, right, and centre. We ended up waiting close to an hour for our meal, and by the time it arrived there were more sparrows feasting in the diner than snobby businessmen. I had a burger and 'strizzle tried a pumpkin salad. My burger was delicious, gone in half a minute, but delicious. I'd definitely go there again, I'd avoid the lunch rush though, the food and ambiance were lovely but not really worth an hour's wait.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mamasita Restaurant and Bar. Mamacita. Oh my god I think you're on fire. Do you want me to get your water?

I have a friend who can eat hardly anything! Bless her. So, with my googleskillz I did a search for restaurants in Melbourne which offer gluten free food and came across Mexican Resturant and Bar, Mamasita. The entire menu is gluten free.

The title lyrics are by Pharrell by the way, I don't want to burn down the restaurant. The location is charming, interior is trendy and the food was great, especially the papas; the plates are ideally for sharing, so the bigger the group the less it will cost to split. The waitress scared us a little, but you can't win 'em all.

Friday, December 03, 2010

I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque

This crazy Melbourne weather!

This blog is off to a slow start, mainly because I seem to have fallen out of the habit of taking photos when I'm out having fun. Will fix that, pronto. I have been visiting some cute cafes/bars though - like Horse Bazaar in the CBD and Miss Jackson in St Kilda.

I dropped in to the Horse Bazaar on a weekday afternoon and we were pretty much the only ones there, all the better to have private conversations, my dear (that rhymed). The interior decorating is pretty damn cool, I kind of wish it were my house.

The staff at Miss Jackson were lovely - very chatty and attentive - and I had the most delicious ricotta pancakes. A-strizzle and I were already halfway through destroying our well-presented breakfasts before I remembered I wanted to take a photo, we decided it was too late. Fail.

So many plans for the Melbournian Summer. Oh, it is Summer now - officially, and all. Apparently this bi-polar weather is set to continue until Jan, so I guess my hair will just have to stop its childish bitching and embrace humidity as a many ways can you style a frizzball? Anyhoo, back to Summer plans: dancing; drinking beer in beer gardens (screw you weather); high tea at the Windsor; Rooftop cinema; gigs, gigs and random gigs; giggles; books( I WILL start honours reading ....after some Historical Fiction, that's kinda educational); Byron Bay (okay, I know that's not in Melbourne but cut me some slack - our weather sucks!).

I'm ready.

Photo: Peter Guenzel

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mart 130 - for brunch

When I got back to Melbourne the first place I wanted to go for Sunday brunch was Mart 130. It is located on the 96 tram line to St Kilda at the Middle Park stop - it's inside an old station master's building (yes clever people, Mart is tram - backwards! and 130 is the number of the tram stop).  I go to Mart for the eggs - #2 Eggs to be exact, but I appreciate all variations. The French toast is also super, and I hear there is a mean corn fritter thingie. So the setting is great, the food is tasty, it's simple to get to AND it's right next door to an awesome playground to go swinging on once your eggs have settled.  Oh, I've even seen a few celebs there, but I was more interested in my eggs. The only downside is that the nice people at Mart don't take bookings, and it is extremely busy there on the weekends - be prepared to wait half an hour, maybe more. This problem is easily solved (unless you are a responsible adult with a 9-5 job) by going during the week when it's far quieter and you have your pick of tables.

 So many different styles of eggs!

Playground. After breakfast maturity denial.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Said what you had to say, happy you got your way, there's nothing to discuss.

I know I'm being greedy, but can't there be Spring without hayfever?

...tissues in hand....adventures ahoy!

Photo: Bernd Westphal

Sunday, November 07, 2010


A sunny day marks the beginning of my new blog.

A year ago, when I was living in Spain, if you'd told me I would be back in Melbourne now I would have laughed in your face, fool. Yet, here I am, and happy about it. The decision to return was tough; one of those 'I feel like I'm screwed either way' moments, when no choice is the obvious one. I half expected to be back for a week before I would be planning to return to Europe, my parents rolling their eyes. It's funny (in a 'life is laughing at me' way) that before I left I had enough money to put a deposit on a house, but the idea of that terrified and disgusted me - all I wanted was travel and freedom. Now that my money has been spent on that travel and freedom, all I want is something solid - a home deposit would be nice. I guess I had to go away, to understand what I really want. So. 18 months away from Melbourne and I'm here again. I really love this city like no other. It can't compare to many European cities in terms of beauty or culture, but it has feeling.

Before I flew back to Australia, I decided that I would have to make an effort not to be bored upon my return. Not to fall into a routine of work. facebook. shop in the CBD. sleep. Melbourne has so much to offer, so many hidden treasures (that sounds totally cheese, but I couldn't think of any other way to put it).  I planned to explore Melbourne and document my findings.

Time for some Melbourne adventures.