Sunday, November 07, 2010


A sunny day marks the beginning of my new blog.

A year ago, when I was living in Spain, if you'd told me I would be back in Melbourne now I would have laughed in your face, fool. Yet, here I am, and happy about it. The decision to return was tough; one of those 'I feel like I'm screwed either way' moments, when no choice is the obvious one. I half expected to be back for a week before I would be planning to return to Europe, my parents rolling their eyes. It's funny (in a 'life is laughing at me' way) that before I left I had enough money to put a deposit on a house, but the idea of that terrified and disgusted me - all I wanted was travel and freedom. Now that my money has been spent on that travel and freedom, all I want is something solid - a home deposit would be nice. I guess I had to go away, to understand what I really want. So. 18 months away from Melbourne and I'm here again. I really love this city like no other. It can't compare to many European cities in terms of beauty or culture, but it has feeling.

Before I flew back to Australia, I decided that I would have to make an effort not to be bored upon my return. Not to fall into a routine of work. facebook. shop in the CBD. sleep. Melbourne has so much to offer, so many hidden treasures (that sounds totally cheese, but I couldn't think of any other way to put it).  I planned to explore Melbourne and document my findings.

Time for some Melbourne adventures.

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