Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mart 130 - for brunch

When I got back to Melbourne the first place I wanted to go for Sunday brunch was Mart 130. It is located on the 96 tram line to St Kilda at the Middle Park stop - it's inside an old station master's building (yes clever people, Mart is tram - backwards! and 130 is the number of the tram stop).  I go to Mart for the eggs - #2 Eggs to be exact, but I appreciate all variations. The French toast is also super, and I hear there is a mean corn fritter thingie. So the setting is great, the food is tasty, it's simple to get to AND it's right next door to an awesome playground to go swinging on once your eggs have settled.  Oh, I've even seen a few celebs there, but I was more interested in my eggs. The only downside is that the nice people at Mart don't take bookings, and it is extremely busy there on the weekends - be prepared to wait half an hour, maybe more. This problem is easily solved (unless you are a responsible adult with a 9-5 job) by going during the week when it's far quieter and you have your pick of tables.

 So many different styles of eggs!

Playground. After breakfast maturity denial.


  1. That's where I'm headed Friday morning for breakfast! No cues, no waiting and I get to sit like a loner & watch the world go by!
    Thanks so much for telling me about this spot!

  2. HAY, I was going back through some posts and I saw where you commented, so glad you did. I had been wondering if you were still blogging or not.

    Hope you have a wonder holiday!

  3. I've never heard of this place! How cute. And the food looks awesome. I really think I need to go and eat dinner now *salivates*