Monday, May 30, 2011

And I'm crazy, but you like it, loca, loca, loca.

So this just in: I haven't worked on my thesis for two weeks. I was working on my coursework during that time, and attending semi-related social events (going out with other people from Honours can be considered thesis related, right?). Today is the day. The day when I approach the stack of books I have carefully selected from the library and they will just fall open to the perfect page and inspire me. You know what else inspires me? Game of Thrones - and episode seven is just sitting there, waiting to be watched....and....and my computer is much closer to me than all those library books. Okay, that's sorted then. GoT first, then daunting stack of books.

On Sunday night I went to the birthday drinks of one of my Honours peeps. My decision to save money by having a couple of glasses of wine while I got ready backfired. I had half a bottle of wine without noticing, arrived rather ...hyped...and continued on drinking. Let's just say I made numerous moronic comments and bit some people. Yes....bit some people.

My friend is having a costume party in June. I've decided to go as the absinthe fairy -  La Fee Verte.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The honours student rap

Thesis thesis thesis, work work work
Got a place in the library where I always lurk
Narrow that topic, down down down
Gotta argue a point before you hit the town

I got bitches, I got fast cars
I know 'aries' is also called 'mars'
You want my grill and my gold chain?
Well first you gotta suffer some thesis pain

Finish that verse, drop the hook
I'll just finish reading this history book

Type that essay, type it up
I have ranted like a nut
Did you know King Arthur had a really big sword?
Oh come on, I know you're not bored!

I am such a geeky loner
What'd you say? You got a problem, Homer?
If you're oblivious to my academic jokes
Don't study history - you ain't smart enough, folks

Drop that hook, then start a new verse
- this lame rap can't get no worse

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You don't smile at me that much

Bam! Here I am back from the world of Arthurian Romance and Italian Courtesans. Well, I'm really only on holiday from it...for an afternoon. During this afternoon I get to do exciting holiday things, like send important emails which have stacked up and buy groceries.

This weekend my BFFFFFFF is coming to visit. Yay.

I have decided I want to go back overseas(my old blog readers are eye rolling). Fine, okay, I have a problem. I call it Ia2B:)S = Inability to be content syndrome. First, though, I have to get a career on the go; I quite like the idea of moulding spongy young minds. Maybe I can go on a NZ holiday to try and fend off my wanderlust for far away places.

Mehhhh, okay, pretty picture that in no way represents my life in this moment:

    Photo: Bernd Westphal