Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yesterday I had a 'mock interview' for teaching. It went well but the guy told me that I should beef up my resume with some information about my interests. ' List the countries you've been to' he suggested. I laughed a little thinking that it'd take up half the page. Then I couldn't stop trying to mentally list the countries I've visited. So here they are, for my reference and, just to brag.

New Zealand                     The Netherlands
Australia                            Belgium
Singapore                          Poland
England                             Czech Republic
Hungrary                           Austria
Ireland                               Germany
Scotland                            Italy
Slovakia                            Switzerland
Wales                                France
Spain                                 Portugal
Exactly twenty. Not as many as I thought, actually. I'm hoping to get Turkey, Greece, Cuba, Belize, Argentina, and Chile on there in the next few years.

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