Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thesis thoughts

* Not knowing Latin, Ancient Greek or Old French is an effing huge academic road block. But hey, I know how to say 'I shit on god' in Spanish... so not all is lost. Argh.

* Where oh where will I find an English translation of Chretien's Philomena?

* Should I stop reading Ovid into everything?

* Forcing myself to get to uni at 8am rather than this whole 'I can study from home' thing better work.

* After google searching 'ravishment' (it's thesis related!) I have discovered there are a lot of messed up people on the interwebs.

* I miss Classics.

* In early 15th century France a cleric broke into a house intending to rape a woman; when she fought back he stabbed her. The cleric's punishment was to pay a fine of the same amount of money another man had been fined that year - for throwing a loaf a bread at another man's head. And no, the fine for bread throwing was not particuarly large. - I'm reading 'Ravishing Maidens' by Kathryn Gravdal.

* I love timelines.

***A non-thesis related thought: it sucks that there are no pubs within walking distance of my flat. I miss that about England.

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