Friday, January 28, 2011

High Tea at the Hotel Windsor.

Don't panic, folks. I kinda, sorta, almost have an Honours topic. Phew.

I had forgotten that I have lots of Melbourne-ising updates to do. First up is High Tea at The Hotel Windsor. It was $59 each (we went on a weekday) and though that's rather steep for a few cakes and tea in a stuffy old hotel - it was so worth it! My only issue was that it was after the 1st of Jan and the Christmas tree was still up.

The service was fantastic (and cute, even if the dudes were fake tanned) and the atmosphere was great - most people were dressed up and my oh my there were lots of old people (makes High Tea more authentic if you're surrounded by aging wealthy women with clip on earrings). We were greeted at our table by Macaroons! Approve. We were then served champagne. Approve. Then the three tier tray of sandwiches, scones, and cakes arrived - even my approve approves.

We tried to fit it all in, we really did; we hadn't eaten all morning, we timed ourselves before starting on a new tray and took our time with the tea and coffee. Alas, we were unable to finish everything, two lonely cakes remained. Doggy bag? I was too full (and honestly feeling quite ill) to attempt smuggling the leftovers into my handbag.

I know the Windsor is more expensive than most places that serve High Tea in Melbourne, but what you're paying for is the elegant building and the tradition. Get your snob on.